Album : Single Track

Genre : Morden

Language : Nepali

Release Date : Aug 04, 2020

Teenpatey, a musical film, takes the existing practice of musical storytelling in Nepal to the whole next level. It is a story of an ordinary village youth of Nepal who pursues his dreams of a happy life as an entrepreneur engaged in Chhurpi production. Production of Chhurpi is a skill that the lead character of Teenpatey got from his father. He is so passionate about finding a way of life in Chhurpi production that he chooses to stay back in village and struggle, while his contemporaries opt for foreign employment in Malaysia. Through all his hard times, he gets constant support of love from his childhood girlfriend, with whom he marries and makes all his dreams come true. The story is therefore a happy one, where the protagonists succeed in paving a happy life for themselves – in fact, happier than those who opted to work abroad than their own village. Teenpatey is therefore a story that promotes entrepreneurship-driven economy than the phony glories of working abroad, away from home and people one loves. See Full Details

Label(s) : Sujan Chapagain

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