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Tej Giri, renowned for his excellent acting skills, is a prominent figure in the Nepali movie and music industries. Giri, a finalist in Mr. Nepal 2012 and the winner of the Most Talent title, made his debut in the movie 'Dhauli' in 2015.

Summary of this Profile

Name Tej Giri
Birth Date March 29 1986
Birth Place Kavre
Nationality Nepali

Born in Kavre, Giri was interested in acting at an early age, participating in school and local-level programs. After completing SLC, he decided to pursue a future in acting and started learning acting. While learning acting, he actively participated in various street plays. Following his engagements in beauty pageants and street dramas, he ventured into the world of movies.

Giri, excelling in acting with an attractive physique and alluring personality, made a significant impact on movies, winning the hearts of audiences and filmmakers from his first movie.

Regardless of the medium, Giri believes it's crucial for an artist to do justice to the character's life. Apart from dramas and movies, he has also acted in music videos. Giri emphasizes quality over quantity, choosing to work in excellent films, leaving a lasting impact on the general audience.

As an actor, Giri views acting as the art of doing justice to the lives of different characters on the screen. He values the subject matter and the impact and message of the characters he plays when selecting a movie.

Giri has taken on various roles in different organizations. He serves as the Deputy-Secretary-General for the Film Conservation Forum, holds an honorary membership in the Music Videos Director Guild, and is a member of the Film Artist Association, Nepal.

His dedication to the craft has been acknowledged, receiving the Best Actor Jury award at the PIM Nepal Film Festival in 2021 for the short movie 'Yesto Po Wadaadekshya' and the Best Actor award at the 11th Nepal Africa Film Festival in 2023 for the movie 'Premganj'.

In summary, Tej Giri has made a significant impact on the Nepali entertainment landscape, praised for his acting skills, and acclaimed for his performances in both movies and beauty pageants.

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