Namrata Shrestha   
Movie's Credit : Cast / Special Appearance / Playback Singer


Namrata Shrestha is the most prolific Nepali Actor of this Generation. She debuted with Alok Nembang's Sano Sansar in 2008, which was a watershed moment in the Nepali movie industry, ushering in the era of digital cinema and modern urban storytelling.

Since then she went on to receive commercial and critical success with movies like Mero Euta Saathi Chha (2009), Miss U (2012), Chhadke (2012), Maun (2013), November Rain (2014), Megha (2014), Tandav (2014), Sambodhan (2014), Soul Sister (2015), Classic (2016), Homework (2016), Parva (2017),  Prasad (2018) and Xira (2019). Mero Euta Saathi Chha, November Rain and Prasad remain benchmarks in Nepali cinema for box office collections.

Ms. Shrestha has received numerous awards for her various character roles through the years. However, her role in the movie Classic (2016), marked the apex of her still-growing silver-screen career, having secured each and every award in the best female actor category that year, including the National Award, which was personally bestowed upon her by the President of Nepal.

True to her craft, Ms. Shrestha also lends her acting prowess to the Stage. Being flawless in both Nepali and English, her plays Lady by the Sea (2009), Oleana (2011), Yerma (2014) and Golden Boy (2017) have cemented her reputation as an acting juggernought.

Apart from being an actress, Ms. Shrestha is also an RJ, an Entrepreneur, Filmmaker and an accomplished Singer. She has has released two cover songs - Bistarai Bistarai (OST Soul Sister 2015) and Prakriti ko Sundar Shristi (OST Classic 2016).

In 2015, Ms. Shrestha started her own production company- Highly High Entertainment- which in a short duration of time has gathered a reputation as a pioneer, having accomplished many firsts in the field of Nepali Performing Arts and Entertainment, such as the Nepal's first Psychological Thriller, Soul Sister (2015), which garnered great critical acclaim. Highly High also produced the first Nepali Hip Hop & Rap (Aka. NepHop) concert attended by over 7000 fans in Basantapur Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most recently in 2017 , Highly High Entertainment co-produced the classic American play Golden Boy by Clifford Odets, a site-specific play which turned a Nighclub into an Boxing Arena for an immersive audience

Today, Ms. Shrestha commands a following of nearly 2 million on Social media and is recognized as one of the biggest youth influencers in Nepal.


This biography was last edited on October 10, 2018.

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Name Namrata Shrestha
Birth Date June 14
Current Address Kathmandu
Marital Status Single
Nationality Nepali
Years Active 2008
Involvement Organizations Nepal Film Artistes Association