Jit Sagar Rawat   
Song's Credit : Cast / Lyricist / Music Composer / Singer


Jit Bahadur Rawat, widely recognized as Jit Sagar Rawat, is a multifaceted talent in the Nepali music industry, acclaimed as a singer, music composer, lyricist, and model. Jit's unwavering dedication to music and creativity has firmly established him in the Nepali music industry. His creations enrich the Nepali music sector, touching the hearts of the audience through his music. Born in 1983, in Salyan, Nepal, Jit embarked on his remarkable journey in the world of music in 1999.

Summary of this Profile

Name Jit Sagar Rawat
Birth Date February 23 1983
Birth Place Salyan
Current Address Kathmandu
Nationality Nepali

Jit is focused on crafting high-quality songs that touch the hearts of the audience and contribute to the development of Nepali Music Industries. He involves himself in a creative process that blends musical elements with seamless fusions of composition, lyrics, and vocals. Jit creates narratives that bridge audience emotions with music, promoting Nepali art and culture through his creations. Jit's singing style reflects emotions that deeply connect with audiences, touching their hearts.

His debut as a singer and music composer was with the song 'Salyani Suseli'. Following the success of Jit's first song, his engagements began to grow. Since then, he has spent two decades in the musical sector. Jit has sung more than 100 songs, composed over 30 musical tracks, and written lyrics for more than 40 songs. Some of his most popular songs as a singer include 'Baini Kanya', 'Horn Bajaudai', 'Pahilo Premika' and 'Jhismisema', showcasing his versatility and vocal prowess. Similarly, his popular music tracks as a composer include 'Piratiko Kheti', 'Timro Samjhanama' and 'Balak Raja', among others.

Apart from singing and composing, Jit is also a popular model. He started his modeling career in 2013 with the song 'Meri Maya Gauma'. Notable among his modeling achievements are popular songs like 'Chhuwachhut', 'Meri Maya Gauma' and 'Aasu Kuna Bhari', among others.

Jit's contributions to the Nepali music industry have garnered him numerous honors and recognition. He was awarded the Nepal Music & Fashion Award 2022 for the 'Best Model Folk Duet' category, Quality Entertainment Award 2021 for the 'Best Lyricist - Festival Song' category, Nepal Music & Fashion Award 2020 for the 'Best Singer (Jury Award)' category, and Rapati Music Award 2014 for the 'Best Male Singer (Folk Duet)' category.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Jit is actively involved in various organizations, demonstrating his commitment to the cultural and musical landscape of Nepal. He serves as the Chairperson of Nepco Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Nepco Media, holds the position of General Secretary at the Association of Music Industries Nepal (AMIN), and contributes as an Executive Member to the Nepal Cultural Association. His engagement further extends to membership in the Performer Society Nepal, the Music Video Artist Association, and as a Lifetime Member of the National Folk Duet Song Academy in Nepal.

Jit Sagar Rawat's indelible mark on the Nepali music industry reflects not only his exceptional talent but also his dedication to the promotion and preservation of cultural and musical heritage in Nepal.