Akash Adhikari

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Akash Adhikari is one of the foremost directors and movie producers of Nepal. He is the founder and CEO of The Sky Movies Pvt. Ltd., which he established in 1999 A.D. Through this production house, which he initiated in Nepal after abandoning his prospects in Bollywood, Mr. Adhikari has now already produced and directed more than a dozen movies. Apart from his in-house productions, the director has also been involved in the direction of movies which were produced by people outside his production house. The director is one of the most dynamic forces in the Nepali cine world and his involvement in cinema extends to acting, writing screenplay, story writing and research.

The graduate of Madhumati Institute of Bombay (filmmaking), Mr. Adhikari is also one of the forces behind the modernization and complete digitization of the Nepali movie industry. He introduced the American made RED digital camera to Nepal when most of filming was done through outdated camera and equipments. Moreover he also established a complete hub for recording, editing and all post-production work to support his technological imports. The result of this is a high end studio in the middle of the capital city which not only supports its sister organization, Sky Movies, but is equally beneficial to other production houses and independent filmmakers.

His first movie Ranabhoomi earned him the best director’s award and since that rare feat of earning best director award with a debut movie Mr. Adhikari has never looked back. His subsequent films were loved by the masses and acclaimed by the critics. Coming to the point of his 14th directorial venture, ‘K Ma Timro Hoina Ra?’, the director has given the industry a number of hits like Krodh, Panchi, Kathmandu and Kohinoor. He has also performed lead roles in five of those films and is one of the rare persons of the industry who acts, directs, produces and writes story for his movies.

Since his first movie struck the golden chord the director has went on to receive many awards for his movies, most notably – Best Actor (Ranabhoomi), Best Movie (Krodh), Best Actor National Award (Janayuddha). The streak of the ‘man with the Midas touch’ became more astounding when he directed Kohinoor in 2014. The movie earned nearly 140 million Rupees in an industry where the previous box-office record was 20 million Rupees. This fete not only gained him instant appreciation but he also received much critical acclaim for addressing the issue of human trafficking via the film.

An all rounder, Mr Adhikari is actively involved in social work and spends ample time in the remote terrains of Nepal for the volunteering work of his non-profit organization ‘Flame of Hope Nepal’. The director is an avid traveler and supporter of independent films. His hobbies, apart from movie making, include writing, swimming, listening to music and reading biographies.

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