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Short movie 'Dark Moon' has released

LensNepal August 24, 2020
Short movie 'Dark Moon' has released

The short movie 'Dark Moon' has been released. The movie, directed by movie journalist Ramji Gnawali, stars Shahil Khan, Surya Thapa, krizan Gautam, Tanuja Karki, Nisab Lamsal and Yumi Baral.

When a mother forgets her responsibility towards her child, where does the future of her child go? A short movie has been made on the subject.The short movie written by Pradeep Bhardwaj  has been produced by Krishma Gautam and Sara Bhurtel.

The short movie has Nawaraj Upreti as the cinematographer, Sudip Baral as the DOP, Alisha Karki as the background score, Bishal Niraula as the singer and musician and Shahil Khan as the editor.