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'Chapali Height 3' on April 10

LensNepal November 26, 2019
'Chapali Height 3' on April 10

The release date of Movie the ‘Chapali Height 3’ is already announced from the shooting sport.The movie is going to release on April 10. It was planned to announce the release date of the movie before going to shoot but due to some technical issues it was cancelled. Now  finally the  release date is announced.

Nikesh Khadka is the direct the movie which will be made in a suspense thriller genre. Starring Swastima Khadka, Supushpa Bhatt, Aamir Gautam, Mahesh Tripathi, Pratib Shrestha and others. This is the bebut movie of Mahesh and Pratik.

Arjun Kumar and KDC Hospital will jointly produce the movie.