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‘Rato Tika Nidharma’- First story and then name

LensNepal September 25, 2019
‘Rato Tika Nidharma’- First story and then name

Why is the name of the movie named after the lyrics ? Certainly the popularity of that song is cached. Occasionally, the story of the movie will go along with the lyrics of the song. Director Ashok Sharma also says that the story of his movie itself demanded the name ‘Rato tika Nidharma’.

The super hit song of the 1997 movie 'Alare' is 'Rato Tika Nirdharma'. The movie of the same name is being released from Friday. Previously the story of the movie was written and the name was finally added. Director Sharma said - The story was not written that I would keep the movie name ‘Rato Tika Nidharma’.

Nothing is revealed about the story of the movie. Sounds like a foreign employment story based on the trailer, a love story based on the lyrics. So what is the main story of the movie? Sharma did not want to open the matter.

Ankit Sharma from this movie has made acting debut. Ankit is the son of Sharma. Ankit, who came from Malaysia for a formal study of the movie,had initially planned to move towards making. So he also worked on the making of the movie ‘JayaBhole ‘which was released last year. But, realizing that he needed a lot of experience to become a director, he decided to start a career in acting. Along with the director Sharma added - Ankit was acting but the script was written accordingly. So what's in the script, really? Sharma said - 'What is in the script. The hero of the movie is no character but the script itself.'

Something uncomfortable has been noted on the Love Song, released just before the song Rati Tika Nidharma’. The reaction on social networks is “the tittle song is better than love song. Ankit gets the same response. He said that the response he received from the trailer was encouraging.

Here, actress Samragyee Rajya Lakshmi Shah expressed her happiness. She said that the character of the movie was very different and challenging for her. She also says that those who have said that Samragyee would not do the role of villagers. ‘Rato Tika Nidharma’ is the best example for them.