Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi

UA 115 mins Feature Film ComedySep 20, 2019


Kazi has embraced this time - Director Gurung

LensNepal September 20, 2019
Kazi has embraced this time - Director Gurung

The movie 'Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi' is going to release on Friday. This is the third edition of 'Kabaddi', which begins with the story of Kazi's struggle to find maiya.In the first and second editions.

In the first and second editions Kazi's try’s many attempts to get the love of maiya. In both part of the movie kazi couldn’t got the love of maiya but also there is no reduction in kazi attitude.

The 'Kabaddi' series is one of the most outstanding aspects of Birkajzi's representation of male psychology and the freedom of the woman by Maiya. Does 'Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi' also depict the psychology of these two characters? In a recent visit to director Rambabu Gurung, he said that he did not think of this angle. Saying that he tried to portray one aspect of the ritual in the movie, he said that there was some difference in Kazi's psychology this time. He said that this series has seen a bit more throatiness in aging than previous series. However this time too, Birkazi will have to work hard to get Soltini with Dhanakaji, the new entrant.

Dhanakaji has become a villain in the love of heroism. However, this time a new Soltini has also been entered. New Soltini's embrace of the theory of heroism, which has been in love with me, has been shaken. Gurung, who fell into the trap of love in 'Kabaddi', infused politics with love in 'Kabaddi Kabaddi'. The story that began with 'Kabaddi' does not end in 'Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi'. Director Rambabu Gurung tells the story of Kabaddi in the fourth series. He did not think of making another series after the second series. However, one day the editor, Nimesh Shrestha, told Rambabu that it would be better if he ended the marriage only by marrying Kazi. Rambabu liked that too, so the third and fourth series were added.

The movie is directed by Rambabu Gurung, will be released on September 20. Starring Dayahang Rai, Upasana Singh Thakuri, Karma Shakya, Wilson Bikram Rai, Rishma Gurung, Maotse Gurung, Pushkar Gurung, Kabita Ale, Buddi Tamang, Lunibha Tuladhar, Bijay Baral, Kamalmani Nepal, Rajan Khatiwada, Mani K Rai, D.B Gurung, Rajendra Thapa etc.

The producers of the movie are Maniram Pokhrel, Arjun Karki and Om Chand Rauniyar. Ruden Sada Lepcha is the co-producer of the movie. Cinematography by Shailendra D Karki, Editing by Surendra Poudel, words of lyrics by Harka Saud, S D Yogi's music, Hemant Rana and Ritika Shrestha's vocals and Renesha Rai Rana's choreography.