The 'Gurkha Warrior' to be filmed in UK, Afghanistan and Nepal

LensNepal February 02, 2020
The 'Gurkha Warrior' to be filmed in UK, Afghanistan and Nepal

Before the production begins, the movie 'Gurkha Warrior' has been publicized. Milan Chams will direct the movie which is being produced in Nepali and English language. Milan, which is set to produce 'Gorkha Warrior' with the aim of making Nepali cinema globally, started publicity for the first time in London by double-tracker bus. According to him, 50 double tracker buses have been used in the campaign.

Pradeep Bhardwaj has written the film to be made under the banner of London Cine  Eye Production. The movie, which will start filming soon, will tell the story of Bir Gorkhali. The movie, which will be screened in the year 2021, will feature actors like Dayahang Rai, Prashant Tamang, Barsha Siwakoti, Buddhi  Tamang, Bijay Lama and others. Ritesh Chams is debuting as the protagonist from this movie.

The 'Gurkha Warrior', operated by 50 percent of Hollywood technicians, in the Cham's Dream project. The movie, which will cost more than 20 crore, will be filmed in the UK, Afghanistan and Nepal.