Short movie 'Sunya', starring Dhruba Dutta

LensNepal September 02, 2020
Short movie 'Sunya', starring Dhruba Dutta

The short movie 'Shunya' starring actor Dhrub Dutta is all set of release. The promo of the short movie, is released already.

The movie 'Sunya' shows that the son in the UK could not return home despite the tragedy in the family in Nepal due to Covid 19. Due to the outbreak of Covid 19, Nepalis in different parts of the world are currently facing similar problems. The production team has presented the youth in the UK as representative characters.

Only one character is presented in the 10 minute long short movie. Nepalis currently living in the UK have made this short movie. DD Entertainment has made a short movie in the presentation of Vision Sansar.

The short movie has a story by Gopi Sapkota, cinematography by Shanta Kumar Rai, writing, editing and directing by Sanam Kumar Bairag and produced by Krishna Bahadur Lamgade.