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‘Selfie King's high demand in abroad

LensNepal October 02, 2019
‘Selfie King's high demand in abroad

The movie 'Selfie King' has seen high demand in abroad. According to producer Subhash Thapa, Gorkha Entertainment, which performs 'Prasad' for Australia, has purchased the display rights of 'Selfie King'. Gorkha has purchased Australia's display rights for Rs 25 lakh.

Likewise, Thapa said that there are high proposals for purchasing rights to the film from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Saudi, Dubai, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Most of the distributors of 'Prasad' in the country have been willing to buy 'Selfie King'. According to him, there will be a contract to showcase with distributors from other countries within a few days.

Dramady (Drama Plus Comedy) Janara's movie is directed by Bishal Sapkota. Bipin Karki will be starring in the lead role of the movie. Apart from Bipin, the movie will feature actors Laxmi Bardewa, Bhuwan Chand, Abhay Baral, Lokmani Sapkota, Sabin Bastola, Kamal Devkota, Rajesh Bisural and actress Keki Adhikari will be acting in a special role in the movie.

Last year both commercially and critically successful movie 'Prasad's producer Subhash Thapa and director Dinesh Raut of the same movie will jointly produced this movie, which is  being written by Director Bishal Sapkota. Susan Prajapati's cinematography in a movie written by director Bishal, Editing Jeevan Thapa, music by Subash Bhushal, B. Pandey's lyrics, Vocalist Anju Pant and Purushottam Subedi, music Arrange by Uday Poudel, choreography by Nirmal Lama, makeup by Kriti Joshi, Sound design by Uttam Neupane, still photography by Binod Pokharel and art direction by Kishore Nepal.

Dinesh Bahadur Rawat as Frist A.D, Ganesh Shahi as Second A.D, Rajesh Raj Giri, Tarkar Raj Neupane and Sulab Thapa as A.D. in the film. Rajesh Bisural and Prabal Koirala are the co-producer of the movie.