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'Love You Hamesha' trailer released

LensNepal October 21, 2019
'Love You Hamesha' trailer released

The trailer for the movie 'Love You Hamesha' has released. The trailer shows the triangular love story between actor Yashraj Grach, Fiza Yonjan and Richa Thapa.

The movie is Produced by yawan Gurung and co-produced by Milan Gurung. The movie is directed by Bhaskar Pradhan. 
Movie is going to release on November 8th. A week before (November 1) that, a production team will be releasing the same movie in the cities of India.

Starring Yashraj, Fiza Yonjan, Richa Thapa, Gopal Dhakal , Karuna Shrestha, Niranjan Mehta,Pramila Rai, Salden etc have acted in the movie. Cinematography by Shiva Dhakal and Ramji Lamichhane's choreography.