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'Baadshah Jutt' release date pushed again

LensNepal September 20, 2019
'Baadshah Jutt' release date pushed again

The release date of the movie ‘Baadshah jutt’ has pushed again. Before this the release date was fixed on kartik 1 and now the movie is going to release on kartik 15.

The movie, which is scheduled to be released on poush 13 last year, has also shifted two weeks after the scheduled date of Kartik 1 due to various reasons. Love Diaries is also expected to be released on the new date 'Baadshah Jutt'. However, as the lead actor of both these movies is Shushil Shrestha, 'Love Diaries' is said to be moving back and forth from that date.

This movie of action genre is directed by Johny Singh Rana. The movie which stars the story of director Rana, starring Shushil Shrestha, Aamir Gautam, Robin Tamang, Roshi Khadka, Keisha Rawat, Rashmi Pandey, Deepak Chhetri, Kamalmani Nepal etc.

The movie, written by Abhishek Shashi Kumar, contains music by Krishna Bhardwaj, choreography by Bikram Swar, editing by Dirgha Khadka and cinematography by Uttam Humagain.