Anmol KC in 'Paras'

LensNepal February 29, 2020

Actor / Producer Bhuwan KC will produce 'Paras' in the Super Kajol Films banner.

Currently, Anmol is giving time for director Jharana Thapa's 'A Mere Hajar 4. Then he will be busy for 'Paras'. That’s why the production of 'Anti Hero' of Home Production has been halted immediately.

Anmol, who has teamed up with Suhana Thapa for the second time in A Mero Hajur 4’ is sure to share the screen with Jasita Gurung in 'Anti Hero'. Bhuwan KC said that the lead actress of Paras would soon settle.

The movie will produced by Bhuwan KC and Directed by Madhav Wagle.